Shoe Horn History

History is split when the shoe horn made its appearance into everyday lives. Whether or not it was first introduced during the Renaissance or 15th century England, it is arguably the most convenient and efficient tool for putting on a pair of shoes or boots. Fast-forward to the new millennium and the fundamental utility of this device remains the same, or better. We will dive into the short but robust history of shoe horns and one of the earliest dressing aids available. You can imagine how the basic principal of providing mobility and adaptive equipment can influence many of today’s durable medical equipment and physical therapy devices.

shoe horn design shoe sliders history

Just look at these things.

The shoe-horn was patented in 1906 by Henry Weeks. While some may argue that it is hardly an invention, the application submitted was approved by the United States Patent Office for its renovations. Improvements include a stiffer, flexible construction, a thinner spoon for less friction, and a variety of sizes suitable for pockets and purses.

shoe horns protect shoes

Frayed heels as a result of NOT using a shoe horn.

In the year 2018, there is a shortage of shoehorns in the everyday home. More and more people are wearing shoes without shoe horns, which mean more and more people are wasting their time fumbling with their shoes. But aside from getting ready faster, the shoehorn’s greatest attribute is its effect on the body.

Shoehorns are especially useful for:

  • Putting on your shoe super-fast and quick
  • Pregnant women
  • Senior men and women
  • Post-surgery patients
  • Those with back pain or difficulty bending over
children shoe horn cute shoe horns shoe horns for kids

Fun for all ages

Shoehorns have a rich history but have seemed to die off in recent years. We believe everyone of can enjoy the long lost ingenuity of this wondrous device and we’re out to prove it! Join the shoehorn movement today.

Our hope’s to bring the shoe horn into every American home. As it remains one of the most underrated home devices, we hope our mission moves one step closer with every shoe horn sold, shared, and seen.