Shoe Horns Can Help Preserve Your Back and Knees

Adding something practical to the wealth of information that already exists on the internet regarding back and knee pain.

do shoe horns help knee pain and back pain

There are a million reasons why the back and knee start acting up. Knee pain and lower back pain (LBP) are the two most common forms of injuries among the elderly. Usually earned after a hard life’s work, cases of lower back pain and knee pain are beginning to rise in the youth.

Overuse and sudden movements can lead to strains which are the most common form of soft tissue injury. Slowly adjusting to a more ergonomic lifestyle can reduce the overall wear and tear of your body.

Hopkins researches found that the most common knee surgery was the arthroscopic partial meniscectomy (APM), with an estimated 750,000 procedures performed each year (1).

With more education and better technology, the quality of our lives can be made better, however the greatest weapon we have against age is prevention.

Good habits are usually formed after the fact, so it is very difficult to start good habits young.

By introducing shoe horns to you or a love one’s life, you can begin developing ergonomic habits that will improve the quality of their life in the long run.

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